The Global Medicines Council is a group of experts in the field of pharmaceuticals committed to ensuring the production and distribution of safe and affordable medicines, and in assuring universal access to them.  The group is committed to promoting innovation, including through newly developed alternative models. The Global Medicines Council will undertake research and prepare reports to assist in the development and implementation of pharmaceutical sector policy.


Briefing Paper No 1 Released

August 16, 2017 - The Global Medicines Council today publishes its Briefing Paper No 1 that encapsulates presentations, discussions and recommendations of its Inaugural Meeting held in Tallahassee, Florida on April 14-15, 2017. The ideas behind the Global Medicines Council were initially discussed in Geneva, Switzerland in 2011, and further elaborated in meetings in Tremblant, Canada. The formal establishment of the Global Medicines Council as a non-profit organization followed the Florida meeting. The presentations in Briefing Paper No 1 cover a range of subject matter relating to achieving the goal of universal access to medicines, as well as encouraging sustainable patient-centric innovation.

G Med Briefing Paper Cover



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